A M Gamby Funeral Home

License Status: Active
Date Established: 1936

25001 Narbonne Avenue
Lomita, California 90717


Services Offered

  • Cremation
  • Traditional Burial
  • Online Obituary
  • Veteran Service
  • Online Pricing

Cultural/Religious Specialization

  • Multi-denominational

Business Type

Independently Owned

Funeral Director(s)

Tim Lambert, Kim O'Hara

Related Entities

Basham Funeral Care, Basham Lamont Funeral Care, Basham-Anspach Funeral Care, Emmerson Bartlett Memorial Chapel-Redlands, Emmerson Bartlett Memorial Chapel-Yucaipa, Hadley-Marcom Funeral Chapel-Farmersville, Hadley-Marcom Funeral Chapel-Visalia, Thomas-Robinson Funeral Home

Professional Associations


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