The I’m Sorry to Hear, LLC Advertising Policy pertains to vendors wishing to advertise with I’m Sorry to Hear, LLC via the website This policy is created to:

  1. establish restricted entities , industries, content, and formats
  2. outline technical requirements for submitting advertisements

I’m Sorry to Hear may restrict certain industries or clients from advertising on the site:

a. No competitor advertisers are allowed (i.e. Angie’s List, The Funeral Guide,, The Funeral Home Directory, Yelp, etc.)

b. No advertising for alcohol, gambling, prescription drugs, tobacco, religion, politics, guns or sexually explicit themes will be accepted

c. No advertisements that are indecent, illegal, misleading, harmful, abusive, libelous, defamatory, or otherwise offensive will be accepted.

d. No advertisements that simulate the I’m Sorry to Hear editorial style or appearance

e. No advertisements that are not readily identifiable as advertisements

Technical Requirements:

There are two banner sizes available on

  1. wide banner (468x60)
  2. box banner (250x200)
  • Banners should not be over 40K. in size
  • No flashing, blinking, or game-like ads
  • No Flash or Video advertisements

I’m Sorry to Hear reserves the right to reject advertisements if the content or design of the ad are deemed unsuitable for the site or negatively impact the user’s experience.

Advertisements will be placed only in designated advertisement space as banner or side advertisements. No floating, pop-up, pop-back or other non-conforming ads will be allowed.

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